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Chipps Tree Care

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Chipps Tree Care


increase in leads (2018 vs 2019)

In 2018, we took over the marketing duties and website for Chipps Tree Care, in Edmonton, Alberta. One of the number one factors that leads to high bounce rates and low conversions is website loading time, so that was our primary focus. The previous marketing vendor Chipps was working with had allowed their website to decay, with outdated software prone to slow speeds and security issues. After updating the site to modern security standards and ridding it of malicious spam links, we were able to halve the load times and increase conversions. We also made changes to the layout, updating the look to ensure the user experience was as effective as possible. For the period of spring 2018 measured against spring 2019, Chipps saw a 21% increase in leads thanks to their new and improved website.

Since moving our marketing services and website to Addison we have seen a significant increase in leads year over year.

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