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We have been so fortunate to help our optometrists grow their practices with smart marketing plans over the past few years while we have all faced some challenging times. We understand that and are very proud to have come along on their journeys. It’s our time to give back to an industry that helps so many people by working with you for free for your first three months.

Eric Harbottle, founder

The OME 4000 Offer Includes

$ 0
Off a new website*
$ 0
Towards marketing services
$ 0
Get both and save

The details: Take advantage of one or both of the offers. Get $2,500 off a custom made website or $1,500 towards our digital marketing services (that’s three months of free marketing management).

That’s a $4,000 Credit Offer For Optometrists!

$2,500 Off a new website* and $1,500 towards (3 months) of marketing management! We will build, optimize and manage your Google Ads AND/OR Facebook Ads campaigns FREE† for three months.

Google Ads • Facebook & Instagram Ads • Content Marketing • Website Design


Flat Fees

You pay one flat fee for your marketing every month.

No Contracts

On all marketing services.

You Get a Marketing Team!

We’re awesome BTW!


Total Vision Eyecare

Launched in early 2020, Total Vision Eyecare is a brand new optometry practice located in Rochester, Minnesota.

Vaughan Family Eye Care

After many years in business, Vaughan Family Eye Care’s website was in need of a modern refresh to match their modern office and branding.

Marine View Optometry

Vancouver’s top optometrist office chose Addison when their site needed a 2020-style refresh.

Limestone Eyecare

Launched in early 2019, Limestone Eyecare is downtown Kingston’s newest optometrist.

Wink Optical

Aurora’s favourite family-friendly optometrist has a brand new, super-fast loading website.

The rules

*Our minimum website package is $3,500. You can still use the deal!
**Ok one small rule, your maximum Google Ads marketing spend is $3,000/mo and Facebook Ads $2,000/mo. If your needs exceed these amounts, we’ll work with you to come up with a different deal that’s still awesome for you and your business.
†Value of monthly marketing is $500/mo x3 = $1,500

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