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When it comes to marketing, these guys know the law!

— Jon-David Giacomelli, Cambridge LLP

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Marketing for law firms

We are a marketing team with a combined 30+ years of experience for hire, to help market your legal practice. We’ve been assisting brand new and established lawyers alike to attract new clients.

Our offer to our clients is simple: you hire us on a flat fee per month and we come on board as your marketing consultants and team.

We help you plan and work with existing internal marketing people and help you achieve your business goals.

Our in-house marketing services are included in your monthly retainer fee.



Google, Facebook, Websites

A successful marketing strategy doesn’t have to be the work of rocket scientists. With flat management fees, no contracts, and a whole lot of transparency, we simplify your marketing by doing these three things really well:

Google Advertising

We already know people are using Google to search for lawyers every minute of every hour of every day. We help ensure your practice is the one they find.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

The incredibly effective power of social media targeting can be used to ensure you're not only getting likes, but also clicks and new clients.

Website Design

Your website is the precursor to you. It speaks for you to your current and potential clients. You and your website may not be saying the same things. See below for some examples of our work.

Layth Gafoor Video Testimonial
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Layth Gafoor - Lucentem Law

“Addison Marketing Solutions went above and beyond my wildest expectations. There are a lot of people out there that will tell you ‘it’s all the same’, but the truth is that when you’re really good at what you do, it stands out beyond anything you can imagine.”



Law firm websites by Addison Marketing Solutions

Sondhi Defence

One of the only criminal defence lawyers on Google with a perfect 5-star rating; Ankush Sondhi deserved a perfect 5-star website too.


Based in Toronto, Lucentem has an international presence and cross-border focus surrounding sports and entertainment law.

Enforce In Canada

When Cambridge LLP wanted to launch a new brand specifically for the enforcement of foreign judgements in Canada, they called us.

Epstein & Associates

With four offices around the GTA, we designed a huge website for Epstein & Associates that aligned with their huge presence across the city.

Landlord Litigation

Another Cambridge LLP project, Landlord Litigation helps landlords enforce their legal rights.

Elm Law

Whitby’s best family and estate lawyers came to Addison to refresh their existing website.



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