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Paying what you should for good marketing

Our offer to our clients is simple: you hire us on a flat fee per month and we come on board as your marketing consultants and team.

We help you plan and work with existing internal marketing people and help you achieve your business goals.

Our in-house marketing services are included in your monthly retainer fee.

We are a marketing team with a combined 30+ years of experience for hire



Five rules we live by

You do not have to sign a contract; our clients are month to month forever — no strings attached.

You will never pay us a percentage on whatever your marketing spend is. Our fees never change.

We try our hardest to save you money on what you are currently spending with other marketing vendors by handling it internally or negotiating on your behalf for better rates. The goal is for us to try and cover the cost of our services in the overall savings we bring you.

Full transparency. You will always know exactly where every dollar goes on whatever marketing services we are providing for you.

Communication is the true key to success. We use business tools like Slack and our own custom video conferencing platform to share details, reports, and opportunities. You are always in the know.



Our fees start at $699.99 per month for our full team support. We customize every client’s program to meet their needs.

Note: From time to time we do take on smaller accounts so please don’t be scared off if that number seems high, we will work with you or provide the guidance we can to steer you in the right direction!

That’s okay, some clients are snow birds and take the winter off! Our ask is that you give us ten business days notice before the first of the next month.

Yes, you pay us directly, and you pay for your media buy separately, but we set it all up and manage it. If you collect points on your credit card, you will get those too!

We do, with your guidance. Remember we are now a part of your team — we work together!

We are spend agnostic. You have brought us on board as your marketing team and we don’t make more money if you increase your budget. Likewise we are happy to talk to you about decreasing if that is what’s best for the situation. We will always offer expert advice on best practices.

What We Offer


& Awesome

We do it right

Our in-house marketing programs are one of the biggest wins for our clients. When you bring us on board as your marketing team you no longer have to pay fees or margins to have these services built, managed, and optimized. We do it all, included!

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Graphic Design

Call Tracking

Google Ads



82,041 Google searches per second

People are already searching for your services and products. We’re here to ensure that your brand is the one they find wherever they’re searching, however they’re searching.

Today’s consumer puts a lot of trust in search engines to find what they need. Google receives over 82,000 searches per second, every second, of every day! Those searches involve finding products, reviewing brands, and looking up business locations. And when a brand appears in the first page of search results, it earns trust from consumers. Search marketing allows your brand to make an appearance at the exact moment when someone is actively searching for a product or service you offer.

Want to learn more about how Google Ads can help your business? Read our Case Studies to see how businesses like yours have succeeded.



90 million small businesses use Facebook

Did you know Facebook has over 2.4 billion daily active daily users? 90 million small businesses use Facebook too, and yet only 24.6% of businesses on Facebook use paid media to promote themselves. The Addison Marketing Solutions team of experienced digital ad specialists understand Facebook’s unique platform, and how to best use Facebook to maximize results for your business.

An average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month, and our expert team knows how to use Facebook’s targeting tools to reach users based on their interests, behaviour, demographics, and much more. Once a target audience has been defined and successfully reached, new “lookalike” audiences can be made to target additional Facebook users with similar qualities. Facebook’s enormous user base and unique features enable ad campaigns to scale rapidly.




62% of people become more interested in a business after seeing it in Instagram Stories

Instagram’s ad revenue growth is outpacing that of its parent company, Facebook. And for good reason! With over 1 billion monthly users, and 500 million daily users of Instagram Stories, if your business is not on Instagram, you may as well not exist to a large segment of the population.

The power of Instagram’s influence is obvious: 62% of people become more interested in a business after seeing it in Instagram Stories. Instagram may not have invented Stories, but they popularized it, and it’s now one of the best ways to reach your target audience.

Whether it’s Gen Xers, Millennials (who are married and have kids now), or the upcoming Generation Z, Instagram allows your business to reach these important consumer groups with the same powerful targeting tools that Facebook uses.



28% lower cost per lead than Google Ads

If you’re B2B-focused, it should be no surprise to you that LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users (2x as many as Twitter!). In Canada, LinkedIn even outpaces Instagram, with 16 million business-oriented members (versus Instagram’s 12 million).

Four out of five people on LinkedIn “drive business decisions” for their employed, meaning there’s a high likelihood they’ll take action after seeing your ads. And with a 28% lower cost per lead than Google Ads, Addison can maximize your spend using LinkedIn’s unique B2B-centred targeting tools.



You know that feeling you get when you see a banner ad for a company or website that you have visited before? And you see it all over the internet? You think to yourself… “Wow… they must have millions of dollars for advertising!” Well, in most cases that’s not the case. Congrats, you’ve been remarketed!

The advertising strategy known as remarketing or retargeting is actually very smart and helpful to both the advertiser and the searcher. Working with your web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer, businesses can “tag” you when you visit them and follow you with ads that help you come back and make a purchase. Sometimes it’s different offers or better offers, and sometimes it’s just friendly reminders to know they are still there for you when you need them again. Banks are infamous for remarketing. The searchers’ benefit is they get notifications during their searches of offers and deals your business is providing.

When people are looking to choose a brand, 97% of them research 3–5 brands online before picking one. Remarketing ads keep your brand in front of these potential sales while they go through this research process by displaying your banner ads on various websites they browse. Thus, they constantly see your brand when they do things like go to YouTube, check the news, and more. By doing this, you are remembered and trusted which motivates more people to pick you instead of your competition.

Remarketing Banner Ad Samples



For print & digital

Whether it’s a new logo, a banner for a trade show, an ad in your local paper, or a mailed flyer, our talented professional graphic designers can create whatever your imagination is capable of.

Graphic Design



Our custom call tracking platform logs, records, and transcribes every phone call to your business so you’re never in the dark. Virtual phone numbers attached to ads make it easy to attribute the success of a given campaign. You can listen to any call, any time, 24 hours a day!

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