How We Work

Let's keep this 

short & simple



Paying what you should for good marketing

Our offer to our clients is simple: you hire us on a flat fee per month and we come on board as your marketing consultants and team.

We help you plan and work with existing internal marketing people and help you achieve your business goals.

Our in-house marketing services are included in your monthly retainer fee.

We are a marketing team with a combined 30+ years of experience for hire



Five rules we live by

You do not have to sign a contract; our clients are month to month forever — no strings attached.

You will never pay us a percentage on whatever your marketing spend is. Our fees never change.

We try our hardest to save you money on what you are currently spending with other marketing vendors by handling it internally or negotiating on your behalf for better rates. The goal is for us to try and cover the cost of our services in the overall savings we bring you.

Full transparency. You will always know exactly where every dollar goes on whatever marketing services we are providing for you.

Communication is the true key to success. We use business tools like Slack and our own custom video conferencing platform to share details, reports, and opportunities. You are always in the know.



Our fees start at $699.99 per month for our full team support. We customize every client’s program to meet their needs.

Note: From time to time we do take on smaller accounts so please don’t be scared off if that number seems high, we will work with you or provide the guidance we can to steer you in the right direction!

That’s okay, some clients are snow birds and take the winter off! Our ask is that you give us ten business days notice before the first of the next month.

Yes, you pay us directly, and you pay for your media buy separately, but we set it all up and manage it. If you collect points on your credit card, you will get those too!

We do, with your guidance. Remember we are now a part of your team — we work together!

We are spend agnostic. You have brought us on board as your marketing team and we don’t make more money if you increase your budget. Likewise we are happy to talk to you about decreasing if that is what’s best for the situation. We will always offer expert advice on best practices.

-You Can-

Hire A Marketing Team

And Save Your 

Marketing Dollars