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Addison increased average CTR from <1% to over 5%


Addison drove down average CPC from $9 down to $3.50

In March 2016, we took over an existing campaign for severancepay.ca / Ertl-Lilly Employment Law. The campaign averaged a CPC range of $7-9 with a click through rate of less than 1%.Working with Dave Ertl, we assessed the campaign and discovered keyword strategies that would help drive better targeting. We designed new text ads created to reach the demographics they specialized in. With new text ads and proper targeting, we drove the average CPC down to $3.50 and increased their average overall CTR to above 5%.

These guys fixed our digital marketing problems.

With drastic improvement in ROI and 70% more reach available, we increased their budget 220%, included a remarketing campaign, and drove over 2,500 leads in just 28 days in November 2016.

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