Our New Haliburton-Area Office

December 11, 2020

New Haliburton Marketing Office

We are very excited to announce that we are opening a new office near Haliburton! Melissa Valentini will be joining the Addison Marketing Solutions team as the Director of Business Development at our first satellite office.

Melissa brings 18 years of corporate sales, marketing, and advertising experience from an urban media company before she packed up her family and moved to Wilberforce (just outside of Haliburton) almost five years ago. She has taken that corporate experience and used it to start and manage a successful roofing company with her husband.  With this combination of experience, she is excited to work with other small to medium businesses to help them apply her successful techniques to grow their businesses. Though business is done differently in smaller communities, many of the principles (tweaked in their application) have proven to drive success to businesses.

Eric Harbottle

Eric Harbottle

Eric is the Founder and President of Addison Marketing Solutions. He founded the company in 2014 and has nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing and Google advertising.

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